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Lubbock Lake Landmark Field Research

Callan Clark, President, CVAS

 The research team has worked at the buffalo hunters’ camp (4JK5) for two field seasons. The site includes two half-dugouts, structures that were made by stacking sandstone rock to form a temporary shelter. The focus for this field season is to reach the floor of one dugout to determine if any objects can provide clues to what life was like for a     buffalo hunter in the late 1870s. Notable finds to date at the camp included .50 caliber cartridges, and a cattle branding iron. The .50 caliber rifles referred to as “big 50s” were popular among buffalo hunters. The branding iron was used by the first open-range   cattle ranchers that moved into the region after the buffalo hunters decimated the bison herds. The presence of the branding iron suggested the first cattle ranchers in the area also used the dugouts constructed by the buffalo hunters. 



Latest files added:

Fort Chadbourne archeological reports

Firing At Blank Range: Cavalry Maneuvers at Grierson's Gulch 41RG77
Larry Riemenschneider

1859 map of military roads through West Texas
(.pdf file)

Map of Tom Green County
(.pdf file)

Tom Green County History
(24MB .zip file with .pdf chapters)

Late Prehistoric Child Burial, Sterling County Texas
Larry Riemenschneider

CVAS Archeological Fair 2018

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