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March 17th at Ft Concho Living History Classroom, 7 p.m. - Mr. Kim A. Cox, co-author of the new Carolyn Boyd book White Shaman Mural, An Enduring Creation Narrative in the Rock Art of the Lower Pecos.  This is an additional presentation to our normal CVAS meeting taking place March 22nd.
It will take place in our normal meeting location, Ft Concho Living History Stables classroom.  

Meeting: March
22nd, Evans Turpin (Iraan Archeological Society)
'17 Draw Archeology Complex, Ruble Ranch, Terrell County’
Evans Turpin from Iraan, Texas is a member of the Iraan Archeology Society, will give his new presentation, ‘17 Draw Archeology Complex, Ruble Ranch, Terrell County’  at the March CVAS meeting on March 22nd.  There are two individual sites with rock shelters (Two Elk Shelter and Owl Shelter).  Many middens, including multi-midden concentration, mortar holes, projectile points, multiple flint tools, and several limestone outcrops with petroglyphic cupule designs possible representing astronomical features have been recorded thus far.  

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Late Prehistoric Child Burial, Sterling County Texas
Larry Riemenschneider

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