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Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month except for the months of July Picnic, October Fair, November and Christmas Party.  Those are chosen by leadership. We meet in the Living History Stables classroom

(236 Henry O. Flipper St.) in historic Ft. Concho, San Angelo, Texas at 7 PM. You can take the road the drives down the north side of the fort to the a parking lot on the right.  The stables are across the street from the parking lot.

Jan. 22nd __ Living History Classroom
Feb. 26th __ Living History Classroom
Mar. 26th __ Living History Classroom
Apr. 23rd __ Living History Classroom
May 21st __ Living History Classroom
Jun. 25th __ Living History Classroom
Jul. 23rd __ Commissary [CVAS Picnic]
Aug. 27th __ Living History Classroom
Sept. 24th __ Living History Classroom
Oct. 22nd __ Living History Classroom
Nov. 19th __ Living History Classroom
Dec. TBD __ Commissary [CVAS Christmas Party]

Concho Valley Archeological Society
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About Us

The Concho Valley Archeological Society is a non profit organization.  Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month except July, November and December.  Dues are $15 for singles, and $20 for families. Students and military personnel dues are free. Visitors are always welcome.

Where we meet: 236 Henry O. Flipper St.


Links to our friends and other archeology resources

These organizations offer information to those interested in archaeology and rock art. We do this so that our members will be able to join these groups and participate in the opportunities offered by these organizations.

Texas Archeological Society

Fort Chadbourne

Texas Archeological Research Labratory

Fort Concho, San Angelo, Texas

Rock Art Foundation

Iraan Archaeology Society

Archeological Survey Forms

ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY: This is the short form that Larry uses in the field.  It is short and concise.  The notes can later be transfered onto the long form.

data_site_form: This is the long form.  It is put out by the state of Texas and is required to be sent in for all new sites.

site_data_form_introduction: This is from the Texas Archeological Sterwardship Network newsletter.  It is a detailed sheet on just how to fill out the data_site_form.  Larry suggested that we go through small portions of it in each future newsletter and I like that idea.  I'll try to start that after the October issue.

Texas Points: This is a kind of field site cheat sheet for Texas points.  It has all the names and a line drawing of each point for easy identification. 

Photo_log: This is just a simple for to
keep track of the photos you take so you can them organized for your survey. 

         CVAS Officers

President: C.A. Maedgen
Vice President: Tom Ashmore

Secretary: Callan Clark

Treasurer: Steven Schooler
Director: Larry Riemenschneider

C.A. Maedgen (President) & TomAshmore (Vice President)
Click on image to download an application to send via U.S . Postal mail.
Download Adobe Acrobat version of the application

2015 Application


We are always looking for speakers with new and exciting archeological information to pass on.  If you would like to be a speaker, please contact us. 

Speaker Reimbursement Information

Click on this link to download a CVAS brochure
CVAS Rack Card

CVAS Constituion & Bylaws

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